Welcome to the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire Department

The Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire & Rescue would like to express its sincere appreciation and gratitude for everything the community has given to our volunteer fire department.

A few months ago, our community faced serious threats, wildfire with an intensity and size, which had never been seen in the island of Abaco. Through your generous contributions and support, firefighters were able to successfully battle the 2011 wildfires throughout Central and South Abaco, without any personal injury or loss to structural property.

During this particular time, our community showed its true colors by gathering together and lending a helping hand to the emergency workers and to the victims of the fires; a characteristic that is naturally embedded in the Bahamian people. Water, food, heavy equipment vehicles, man power, tires, fuel, and financial gifts are just a few of the things that the citizens of Abaco gave in support of our efforts.

There are numerous businesses, community organizations, charitable foundations, and private citizens that have contributed to our organization and to others that were involved in the exercise. Listing them would probably fill this whole section of the letter and we would still probably unintentionally miss one or two.

Having said that, please know that the men and women of the volunteer fire department recognize and appreciate every single donated item, service, and financial contribution that you have given and we are forever thankful of your support.

We pray that our community does not see another disaster like the wild fires in 2011 for a long time; but if we do, we are confident the residents of Abaco will stand ready to support our efforts once again. We also hope that you will continue to support your local volunteer fire departments, as we routinely respond to hundreds of fires and medical emergencies throughout the year.

Thank You again Abaco for all your support!